Silver Bullion

Silver spends a lot of time in the shadow of gold, but over the past two years, gold prices have risen about 50% while silver has shot up more than 150%. Bullion comes in coin or bar form. Its value is based mainly upon its intrinsic precious metal, which rises or falls with the spot price.

Bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Silver rounds, and the Silver Austrian Philharmonic are the most popular. These coins and bars allow investors and institutions to move in and out of silver bullion easily and swiftly which is important in bullion transactions. Bullion’s value relies solely on its weight in silver (or gold) and moves with the market.

The current silver inventory totals 1 billion 400 ounces, and the annual industrial amount used is about 900 million ounces. Comparatively, gold inventory is 3 billion ounces and the industrial amount used is 20 million ounces. Over 45 times more silver is used each year than gold.

Recommended Silver Bullion Coins

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