Monthly Value Program

With a proven track record, precious metals have been one of the best performing investment classes over the long-term. The returns that precious metals have generated for their investors have blown away all other asset classes such as the stock market, bonds, and even real estate.

Unfortunately, increasing prices of precious metals may have kept some potential investors on the side lines. It is widely known in the industry that smaller purchases of metals can be accompanied by higher fees and loss of potential profits.

The Paradigm Gold Group Monthly Value Program puts you in control to accumulate precious metals by allowing you to make more manageable monthly purchases, while still taking advantage of bulk pricing.

The program is simple:

When you enroll in the Monthly Value Program, you will be able to select a specific number of pieces (e.g. 5 Silver Dollars), or a set dollar amount (e.g. $300) you would like to purchase on a set day of the month you choose (e.g. 15th of every month). Just pick the metals and an amount that is right for you.

Once you are registered in the program, Paradigm Gold Group will make monthly purchases on your behalf and will either send an invoice to be paid upon receipt or debit your specified account . Payment options available for the program are: personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or debit/credit card. Spot pricing for MVP purchases will be based upon the London Bullion Market Association Silver Fix on the day of your purchase.

Once you have acquired sufficient metals to meet our minimum shipping requirement, we will ship your order at no cost to you. If however you do not meet our minimum shipping requirement and want shipping after each purchase, a flat rate shipping fee will be applied to your purchase. As a courtesy to you, we will hold shipment until you’ve accumulated enough metal to receive free shipping.

Contact us and enroll today. Your PGG Precious Metals Specialist will walk you through the simple process of putting your metals accumulation on auto pilot!