Pre-1933 Coins

Perhaps the best way to own gold and silver today is to diversify your portfolio into Pre- 1933 gold and silver coins, one of the few remaining private transactions in the financial world.

It may seem hard to believe, but the American government has banned ownership of gold four times during its history, and each time citizens were ordered to turn in their gold bullion to the feds in exchange for fair market value, or face legal consequences.

Minted prior to 1933, and therefore protected from further government seizure, there are no reporting requirements on the purchase or sale of these coins thanks to a notable exception in the 1933 Gold Confiscation Act which allows individuals the right to hold these metals without fear of government interaction.

These Pre-1933 coins are valued according to their history, metal content, limited supply and condition. Historically, these coins (sometimes referred to as numismatic, semi-numismatic, or private) have outperformed bullion and continue to provide a powerful, private investment that safeguards long-term investment capital.

Mainly due to scarcity, privacy and potential investment return offered to investors, the demand for these gold coins will continue to surge just as demand has surged over two millennia.

Recommended Coins

$20 Liberty Head

 $20 Saint Gaudens

    $10 Indian Head
British Sovereign

Belgian 20 Franc

 German 20 Mark

    Swiss 20 Franc
French 20 Franc