Precious Metals IRA/401K

IRA Transfer Process

Below are the steps involved to begin enjoying the benefits of a Precious Metals IRA:

Step 1

Fill out and digitally sign the IRA application forms and Precious Metals Account Agreement using the link provided to you by your Paradigm Gold Group Account Executive. If desired, a hard copy application and Precious Metals Account Agreement will be sent to you via USPS or FedEx, (using our FedEx account) to be filled out and signed. Your Account Executive can assist you with completing these forms.

Step 2

Your Account Executive will arrange a FedEx pickup of your completed IRA application paperwork and Precious Metals Account Agreement. In time sensitive matters such as market fluctuation concerns, a fax or email scan can be accepted for expedited processing. Our dedicated IRA department will review and finalize the application paperwork and submit to your new precious metals IRA custodian on your behalf.

Step 3

Your current custodian will then transfer your funds to your new precious metals IRA custodian to be placed in to IRA eligible metals once metals are recommended, selected and agreed upon by you and your PGG Precious Metals Specialist. Your selected IRA eligible metals will be shipped directly to the insured depository free of charge. A fee schedule will be provided to outline the start up and annual costs for management and storage.

You can begin the process of opening a Precious Metals IRA in our Getting Started- Precious Metals IRA/ 401k section of our website.

Every transaction with Paradigm Gold Group involves your understanding of our Precious Metals Account Agreement. All details are examined and clarified, and any questions you have will be answered by your Precious Metals Specialist before the agreement is finalized.